HIWA Cancer Hospital – Kurdistan

Since 2016, the Maria Letizia Verga Centre (MLVC) has been actively involved in the start-up of the first HSCT centre in the whole Iraq. This project was realized thanks to team, made of medical doctors, nurses, lab technicians from all over Italy. The pediatric care was mainly provided and coordinated by the Monza’s staff.

More than fithy out-going mission have been performed in Kurdistan; in-coming staff from that region has been trained in Italy. More than 100 transplants (autologous and allogeneic, related donor) have been performed so far (december 2018).

We still need to strenghten skills and enhance knowledge about how to perform and manage transplants in patients afftected by hematological malignancies and haploidentical transplant.

A number of professionals have been active in Kurdistan: V. Conter (MD), A. Rovelli (MD), M. Verna (MD), C. Broggi (RN), G. Ciabatti (RN), G. De Riso (RN), V. Panzetti (RN), L. Russo (RN), P. Pioltelli (MD, ASST Monza) and G. Real (MD, ASST Monza)


Payment method for “Kurdistan” Program:   

Banca Intesa Sanpaolo IT16 R030 6909 6061 0000 0121 169 codice BIC – BCITITMM

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